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AMS Introduction

Let’s know something about us. AMS Electric Fence Company registered in 2013, is a certified ISO-9001 company in Germany. AMS-certified Engineers always try to provide the best security pieces of equipment according to the modern era of the world. AMS Electric Fence Company is the Leading Electric Fence equipment supplier all over World. In 2013 started a company with the supply of electric fence products now in 2022 Walter Hans is the CEO of the Company has a manufacturing unit in German. Don’t get worried about your property security feel free to contact us we will guide you that what you can do and provide you with the most reliable and reasonable electric fence package for security. It is safe and legal to use electrical fences.

Why Electric Fence

Do you want to secure your Houses and Businesses? Obviously Yes, any kind of property is a priority for anybody. To solve this issue and to make you feel free AMS Electric Fence is here to provide you with the best security equipments. Electric fencing is by a long shot one of the best approaches to shielding property from undesirable guests likewise you can involve electric walls for your creatures in light of the fact that an electrified barrier is an obstruction used to keep your animals protected and undesirable creatures out of nurseries and different scenes you need to secure. Our pieces of equipment are of reliable prices so everyone can afford them and avail this facility easily apart from this our electric fences are safe to use and are reliable in performance. Electrical walls should be introduced, they are known to be not difficult to construct, work, and keep up with. Rather than bringing about extra expenses for the development of new fences, electric walls can be introduced by an electrified barrier provider on or lined up with the current wall structure. Conventional fencing materials are weighty and frequently challenging to deal with, which can build the expense and time required for establishment. The upside of utilizing ‘electric’ or high-pressure’ walls is that they cost under a security barrier by and large, as less materials are required and less opportunity to introduce. An electrified barrier choice is likewise more adaptable; you can rapidly eliminate it and reinstall it elsewhere. An electrified barrier doesn’t “consume” a ton of power. The progression of force is simply kept up with no obvious current. Just when somebody contacts the wall, per the result voltage, power will be really consumed. Thus, you can have confidence; it won’t change your power bill overwhelmingly.



Our Electric Fence Products are Electric Fence Energizers, Electric Fence Insulators, Electric Fence SS Post & Support, Electric Fence Indication Lights, Electric Fence Warning Sign Plates, Siren & battery Backup, WIFI Modules for remote Access, High Tensioner Wires.

Our 24/7 electric fence will make your home and family safe from thieves and robbers. Long Life Use equipment’s.