Electric Fence Energizer AMS-EN4285


Electric Fence Energizer AMS-EN4285

AMS Single zone electric fence energizer, Electric Fence Energizer AMS-EN4285 generates high voltage pulse of 5-14KV to intruders teaching the fence, which establishes a physical and psychological barrier to prevent invasion THE EAGLE SERIES.


• LCD Or LED indicate the zone ID/ The working state /THE
Voltage of Live wire
• Different voltage switch manually (0,2,5,8,10KV), long-distance
equipment auto switch function
• Mobile message control (SMS) is available (MODULE OPTION)
• DC12V, NC/NO dry contact alarm output (RELAY OUTPUT), can
work with other modern security products
• Multiple power supply function makes the energizer working at
all kind of poor power condition
• Mains AC110-240V, battery or solar panel with DC12V (NEED
• Water/Fire proof casing


Input: AC110-240V OR DC18V OR DC12V
Output peak voltage: 2KV=10KV
Pulse duration: ≤0.1S
Pulse interval time: 1.3S
Max energy of output: t2.0 / 5.0J

02 Years Warranty 


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